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Friday, April 26, 2013


-- Gallagher On Radio --


In case you missed it, Tim Gallagher ("Imperial Dreams") was guest on Diane Rehm's NPR show yesterday. Nice interview (50+ mins.) about his search for the Imperial Woodpecker in Mexico, available via podcast here:


More information on the show here:


...encouraging to know that the whole subject is of enough general interest to merit inclusion on Diane's show!

On a side-note, since mentioning over at IBWO Researchers Forum that this was an especially slow winter/spring for IBWO claims coming my way, a couple of folks troubled to email me about possible sightings they had or knew of in the last 6 months. So if anyone else thinks they had a possible encounter this winter or spring, that they haven't already emailed me about (or didn't put on the Web somewhere), I'd still be interested to know of it (primarily interested in locations, but of course any details welcome).

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