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Sunday, September 16, 2012


-- Long Hot Summer --


Have only heard from a couple of folks who spent any time looking for IBWOs during what may have been the worst, hottest, buggiest, most uncomfortable summer on recent record in the Southeast (never a great time to look for IBWOs, even under good conditions). If anyone further cares to note the location of any search time spent in the last few months feel free to  (for example I presume at least some searching continues in the Big Woods, yet I don't recall anyone mentioning it to me via email for quite awhile. Also, if anyone still has automatic remote cameras up & running, or plans to re-deploy in winter, I'd be curious to know that as well, just to have a better sense of what locales continue to receive some monitoring).

December-March is probably the far more propitious time for searching... we'll see how many man-hours and reports, if any, the upcoming winter produces. Mike Collins notes that he hopes to have a very active search season in his Pearl River domain, probably beginning around January, but also says this may be his last season, with tentative plans to return to his Wash. D.C. work office in 2013: http://www.fishcrow.com/winter13.html
I am sad to read this last sentence on Mike Collins' blog: "The time has come to say goodbye." The glimmer of hope I had to learn of a definitive IBWO sighting dims just a little with Mike's exit from the search. But, best of luck to you Mike in your new adventures.

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