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Monday, February 27, 2012


-- February Closing Out --


Looks like February will close out with even less to report on than I thought might be the case...

Oh well, with spring/summer right around the corner, in the event you want to stock up on some Ivory-billed T-shirts, you can check out a few choices here:


Meanwhile, Mike Collins has streamlined his Ivory-bill website, eliminating a lot of previously-posted material (including the last 3 search season logs). Some folks have made inquiries to me, but I don't know whether he plans future Pearl River updates (assuming his efforts are ongoing), or will only do so if/when there is something significant to report. You can always try emailing Mike directly for info (cinclodes@yahoo.com). Or, if you're looking for something specific from Mike's previous pages you may be able to find it through the Internet's archival "Wayback Machine" here:


His last paper on the subject of course remains available as well:


And an earlier manuscript (pdf) is here:


I don't currently foresee doing a "Back To Mississippi" blogpost, and yet it has long been one of the states of greatest interest to me -- a good amount of interesting habitat, but lacking the number of extensive visits and searches that Florida, Louisiana, Texas, and South Carolina have garnered.
For now I'll just once again link to Bill Pulliam's 2006 analysis of Mississippi:




The Coyote folks just posted two updates over on the IBWO forum that warrant looking at. They're in possession of some new audio recordings they're willing to make available to serious inquiries. I'll hold off on asking for copies right now; my tin ear isn't exactly the best diagnostic tool, and they may be quickly swamped. They're thoroughly decent and honest folks, however, and I've enjoyed swapping correspondence with them over the years.
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