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Sunday, October 16, 2011


-- Miscellany --


Mark Michaels, over at IBWO Researchers' Forum pointed out the below article which briefly mentions that Cuba’s leading ornithologist, Orlando Garrido believes the "Cuban Ivory-billed Woodpecker still lives in remote regions of eastern Cuba":

[sorry, article appears to no longer be available except via membership]

Meanwhile, in the fun-and-games-with-statistics dept. no less than "The Economist" magazine makes mention of the two recent statistical studies that essentially declare the Ivory-bill extinct (although statistics can't easily or sufficiently be applied to this situation).


And, a nice result for one University of Kentucky professor, whose passion for the Ivory-bill story won him a teaching award from the National Association of Biology Teachers:


Lastly, for a trip down memory lane, this press release from 6+ years ago when the whole controversy was blossoming:


The leaves will be off the trees soon, and prime IBWO search conditions prevail again, but no idea how many searchers will spend any significant amount of time in the field this season....
The Economist article bugs the hell out of me. First of all it's the ridiculous "statistical studies", as if you can analyze whether a species is extant through some statistical analysis.

Even worse than that for me though is that last paragraph. The last paragraph says that "Some fear new protections" will drive species to extinction. Give me a freakin' break. Yes, protecting a species will help drive it to extinction. No surprise it's from a source like The Economist that would say something like that, as if conservationists really would be WORRIED that something would be listed as endangered. Seems more like a political statement from the right, who generally oppose species' protection due to perceived negative economic effects of protecting endangered species.
Not to mention that they put an illustration of Crimson-crested Woodpecker and claimed it was of a pair of IBWOs...
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