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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


-- Louisiana Note --


Just passing this along in the event there are any other searchers in this specified area, to be on the lookout for such a bird
... A reader sends in the following note about what he labels a possibly leucistic PIWO from western Louisiana:
"I just thought I'd share with you an odd woodpecker seen while driving on highway 6 between Many and Natchitoches (just west of Acorn Hills road) in Sabine parish, Louisiana. I only got a few half second looks while driving, but noticed it had an odd, almost bat-like erratic swoop as it came out of a tree before crossing the highway, and had solid white on the trailing edge of the wings (from underneath). I even did a verbal "Wow!" out loud in the car. Ivory-billed? Nah, I don't think so. It was actually big enough, but had a white chin and classic woodpecker flight. But hey.....just for the record, it was 9:06 am, partly cloudy, 72 degrees, October 11, 2010.
I have little 'general' birding experience, but get to see a lot of woodpeckers, particularly pileateds, as I have land in Zwolle, Louisiana and I live in Huntsville, Alabama near Monte Sano mountain, so see a good many pileateds there also. I won't be back through Sabine parish until May 2011, so thought I'd share this with you now (for amusement purposes I guess). Good luck on any future searches."
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