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Thursday, December 24, 2009


-- Pics (OT) --


I assume this is for real, though seems improbable(?) :


(check out the rest of the pics at this site as well, by clicking directly on each pic to bring up the next one! --- but not while you're about to sit down for a Holiday meal!!)

....and a Happy (belated) Festivus to everyone!
Looks Photoshopped to me, at least the bird doing the space shuttle/747 imitation (I did see that one one time, right in front of me as I was driving west on Highway 201), and the gorillas-doing-the-NFL stunt . . .

I could be wrong, though; it's just my general distrust of British tabloid journalism (the model Rupert Murdoch used when he brought Fox to our shores). The crow's legs seem sharply in focus while parts of the vulture that appear the same distance seem ever so slightly blurred. And where's the shadow of the gorilla on the left?

Not gonna argue, though, it could've happened . . .

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukah, Kwanza and Winter Solstice to everyone . . .
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