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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Sunday, August 30, 2009


-- Hmmmm.... --


Curiouser and curioser?...

Just noticed that David Luneau's controversial video, which instigated much of the Ivory-bill debate we are now embroiled in, seems to have been taken down from YouTube, at least as a stand-alone video clip. Nor could I find it on David Luneau's own website (at one time I think he owned the copyright to it --- but not sure if that's still the case or if Cornell controls it at this point???). In a cursory search I couldn't find the video available anywhere by itself, except as linked to from the original Science Magazine article link below (I assume it is still embedded in many longer presentations of the Ivory-bill saga):


Possibly someone is simply exercising their intellectual property rights and having the clip removed from places where it was never given authorization for use, although one wonders why they waited this long to do so...?

The problem is, it feeds the sort of fears Louis Bevier had expressed well back, when Mary Scott suddenly took down much of her long-standing Ivory-bill material from the Web, and he wondered aloud if in the future, IBWO claims, evidence, arguments made and never confirmed, would simply disappear into cyber-thin-air as if they never existed, like so many evanescent 1's and 0's trailing off into shadowland.

"P. Coin" has also pondered elsewhere whether we would see, over ensuing time, the gradual disappearance of many of the Web-based presentations promoting the last 4 years of the Ivory-bill enterprise. (There is always the Web's archival "Wayback Machine," but it has limitations.)

For obvious reasons, both historical and scientific, much of this material needs to remain intact and accessible, but time will tell... in many ways, the Internet remains a whole new ballgame.
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