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Wednesday, January 21, 2009


-- Mississippi Yearning --


Happy January 21st: The first day of the rest of America's life!.... :-)

Lately, a certain amount of chatter has referenced searches for the Ivory-bill in Mississippi. I've frequently noted MS. in the past as one of the top 3 states (IMO) for IBWO potential, along with Florida and Louisiana. FL. and LA. have received so much past focus, that in some ways MS. with less historical attention, yet much good inter-connected habitat, is all the more attractive. Some of the recent, ongoing work being carried out there is outlined here:


(not included above is work being carried out by Cornell's mobile team or other searchers at the far south end of the state, which may even harbor the best habitat)

In recent years, there have been several sightings in Mississippi just across from the Pearl River WMA. The most recent sighting in the Pearl was right on the border and was by perhaps the most experienced birder to have seen an ivorybill in recent years (770 species on his ABA Area list).

Mike Collins
Are all of your own sightings or other possible encounters on the MS. side of the Pearl Mike, or are any from the LA. side, and if on the MS. side are all of them from Stennis-owned land that is off-limits to most visitors?
Most of my sightings have been on the Louisiana side. Some of the land on the Mississippi side is restricted access, but there have been reports to the south of the entrance to Stennis Space Center, including one near I-10. The sighting in November was along the East Pearl (which forms the MS-LA border), where anyone may visit in a boat.

Mike Collins
Hi Cyberthrush! Not sure if you got my response over on my blog, but just in case you didn't, here's the answer to your question:

the book that the illo is from is "Song and Garden Birds of North America" by alexander wetmore, printed by national geographic 1964

the page of credits i have in the beginning (most of the pages are gone, since it's been converted to a sketchbook, but the ones I have) says paintings by Allan Brooks and Walter A Weber.

: )
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