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Sunday, August 24, 2008


-- Whazzup? Not Much --


Sorry for lapse of posting, but warned earlier on that I wasn't expecting much to report on through the summer months, prior to USF&W issuing a final summary report from last season, or the next winter search season getting underway. For the moment, am occupied with other things as well, but to keep folks entertained in the interim go ahead and play with this film clip if you like, or have only seen it 922 times before:


I haven't looked at the (in)famous Luneau Video for a year or two. You know what? I think it looks like an Ivory-bill!
We needed some inspiration to keep us going!
fwiw... Luneau's Bayou de View video is on the main channel area downstream from the same main channel LGB sighting of Sparling/Gallagher/Harrison
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