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Tuesday, July 08, 2008


-- Digitized Evidence --


Believe-it-or-not Ripley, the Luneau film clip continues to be analyzed --- new computer-derived evidence (from Cornell) for the Luneau bird here (using computer graphics to argue that David's bird matches an Ivory-bill --- I can already hear the grumbling and arguments commencing ;-)).

....and for today's comedy relief, some pure Woody Allen:



I'm glad they finally got around to doing this; I'll be curious to see the actual simulations. I'll especially be curious to read more about the flight mechanics thing, and using a Pileated as a surrogate for an Ivorybill. This is precisely what I was attempting in my low-rent, low-tech way (hand-drawn sketches and "flip book" animation) when I first stumbled into some of the things I wound up writing about in my blog. I actually was trying to see if I really could make a Pileated match the Luneau bird, so I could just heave a heavy sigh, get over it, and move on. Before I even got to the point of painting my sketched bird up like a Pileated, I ran into the stumbling block that I wasn't actually able to match the apparent wing movements of the Luneau bird with a model based on Pileated videos, even when I sped the wingbeats up. It'll be interesting to see how they addressed this issue.
yes, using a Pileated as a surrogate sounds like a source for squabbling (and I wonder if they don't need to create and run a "virtual" PIWO through the same process for comparison sake) -- and just the fact that the study was done by Cornell, rather than an independent third party, will no doubt cause some to roll their eyes.
At least we can probably look forward to another journal publication at some point :-)
'eyes rolling'

which bit was the comic relief?

the "last, lone bird" theory, as widely predicted.
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