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Saturday, June 21, 2008


-- Will There Be Any Good News? --


Helen Snyder, reports over at BirdForum, that her husband Noel, back from the latest USFW Ivory-bill conference in La. implies a mood of doom and gloom for IBWO search at season's end; probably accounts for the time being taken by Cornell to put out some sort of preliminary season summary, as they choose their words carefully. Habitat and food supply don't appear to be an overwhelming hindrance to the species if it existed, but may be too little too late, as money, hope, motivation, fades for search effort...

Meanwhile over at a BirdChat thread nominating 'rarest bird in the world,' NY birder Rich Guthrie, who claimed an Ark. IBWO sighting in spring 2007, casts his vote for, of course, the Ivory-billed Woodpecker.

With all due respect to Dr. Synder, and all that he has done to enlighten us to alternative views regarding the demise of this species, he may have heard only what he wanted to hear in support of his thesis. We are all susceptible to this phenonmenon, especially when it comes to this species.

I suspect there will be great disappointment for those who think:

(1) all funding for searching will (finally) disappear

as well as

(2) that not enough funding will be available to support all the potential leads to firmly documenting this species

And so it goes...
An IBWO conference in Louisiana that invites speakers who have contributed nothing to the search (other than their misinformed opinions) and ignores the only hard data that have been obtained in that state in decades (two videos from the Pearl) is a farce.

Mike Collins
Pearl River
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