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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Saturday, March 29, 2008


-- Upbeat --


There's been enough baaaaad news from around the world, as well as nationally and locally for this month, so just a few miscellaneous upbeat, non-IBWO items from the Web Grab Bag today:

I'm not generally a big 'joiner' of blog participation exercises, but Mike over at '10000birds' blog has come up with one I am comfortable taking part in, due to my fondness for Jonathan Rosen's new book, "The Life of the Skies" (my previous review of it here, but also plenty of other reviews on the Web if you google the title). Mike is giving away a few copies of the volume over the next several weeks; see contest details here:


And from Toyota, good news here.

Finally, from last week, a family portrait of the California Great Horned Owl family (ok, Dad was off galavanting around with some bimbo(wl) when this pic of insanely proud Mom and kids was snapped)... say, 'cheeeese' :

The little buggers have already grown considerably on pigeon-and-squirrel sushi since this pic was snapped. Keep up with them here:


Sooo cute!!
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