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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Sunday, January 20, 2008


-- Sidenote --


Attended an annual all-day conference of science bloggers this weekend with scientists, bloggers, educators, journalists, and the like from around the country in attendance (and all ages, and levels of interest/credentials represented) --- a very broad-umbrella group; in the future might be nice to see more "nature" and even "birding" bloggers present, as several of the topics/issues discussed would be of interest to all (I assume it will occur again next year in January, and again in central North Carolina).

Much of the energy and agenda for the get-together comes from folks associated with the 'Scienceblogs' network on the Web. I'll just mention one of the more general issues they've focussed on lately, for any not already aware of it: an effort afoot to hold a 'Science Debate 2008' as part of this year's Presidential contest, in which candidates are specifically asked their views on various science topics that might guide policies should they make it to the Whitehouse (debates of course often focus on 'foreign policy' or 'domestic issues,' but rarely touch much on science perspectives, which could play a far greater role in the future of the nation and planet at large).

Go here (for starters) to get more info on this developing matter. (Realistically, Republicans will likely resist any discussion of science, so doubt such a debate will happen, but with enough outside pressure, just maybe....)


And here a follow-up to the story of the killed Bald Eagle linked to on Thursday. Rewards leading to the shooter have now climbed from $1000 to $14,000.

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