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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Tuesday, December 04, 2007


-- Not For Math Phobes --


In mathematics there are just as many odd numbers as there are total integers (odd and even numbers combined). There are just as many points in a 3-inch line as in a 6-inch line. And just as many points in each of those as in a 6-inch square... or for that matter a 50-mile square.
And yes, I think this actually has some pertinence to the Ivory-bill debate... but... this probably isn't the time or place to discuss it ;-))


From the Web Grab Bag, nothing at all to do with birds, but an important point (I think) made by science writer Chet Raymo here:


and here more on endangered species and politics.

Finally, lots of bloggers are linking to the NY Times article that reports the outcome of birder Jim Stevenson's Texas trial for shooting a feral cat to defend endangered birds:


The case was dismissed due to a hung jury (I'm both a cat and a bird lover, and don't understand how anyone could find Stevenson guilty of the specific charges given the wording of the Texas law as I understand it). But probably more interesting is the aftermath, less widely reported, of Stevenson receiving hate mail and hate calls, and then exiting town after claiming being shot at on his porch (though not confirmed). Controversy and questionable credibility seem to follow Jim Stevenson (earlier involved in an Ivory-bill claim) wherever he goes...

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