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Wednesday, January 03, 2007


-- Coming In February --

Bobby Harrison's "Ivory-billed Woodpecker Foundation" has announced its "inaugural fund-raising gala" to be held 6:00 pm. Feb. 24 (anniversary of the Sparling sighting) in Huntsville, Alabama (at the ADRS Banquet Facility, 3000 Johnson Rd.). Keynote speakers are Bobby and Tim Gallagher, with Lynn Scarlett (Deputy Sec. of the Interior), Dr. James Tate of the IBWO Recovery Committee, and Mary Scott of BirdingAmerica and IBWO fame, also presenting. Asking for RSVPs by Feb 12, ph. 256-883-1166, and tickets are $35. I imagine all this info will soon be at the Foundation's website:


Correction: the Feb. 24th date is actually closer to the anniversary of the Harrison/Gallagher IBWO sighting than the Sparling sighting which was a couple weeks earlier.

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