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Monday, May 22, 2006


-- Sidenote --

As a sidenote thought this picture of an unknown seabird flying over Wash. DC. from another blog somewhat interesting. Interesting not only from the standpoint of ID'ing it, but from the IBWO-controversy standpoint because of the glaring whiteness of the left-hand wing -- one might expect that wing to clearly show the same black tip pattern of the right wing, but instead is totally-washed out in white, indicating the problems that angle and lighting introduce to photography and why in part the Luneau video remains so controversial. Keep in mind that this is a single still photograph while David's video of course involves many individual frames, and also that Cornell has size and wingbeat analysis (which one may or may not accept) to go with their 'Elvis' video, but still I think it gives some indication of why photographic visual cues alone can be so tricky.



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