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-- Arthur Schopenhauer

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


-- Ebay THIS! --

Now for something totally different...

A post at BirdChat today detailed a Passenger Pigeon mount from a private collection being auctioned off at eBay! That got my attention, but could not locate it when I went to eBay's site -- I suspect either it ran into legal problems or got snapped up right away! In any event made me wonder what would pop up if I typed in "ivory-billed woodpecker" on the eBay search engine. So if anyone is interested there were 14 IBWO offerings up for auction, mostly artistic items, and additionally, at "eBay stores" another 40 items, mostly books, for sale.
And still, can't help but wonder if someone had a mounted Pass. Pigeon to auction off, how many folks out there have a stuffed IBWO somewhere in their attics...?

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