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Sunday, September 25, 2005


Elvis's Mom & Dad Perhaps?...

A bit surprised this hasn't popped up somewhere else by now: I was just re-reading parts of Jerry Jackson's book when I noticed he mentions (pg. 157) receiving a letter in 1987 from a Douglas James referencing "a report of ivory-bills in Jackson County [AR.] in 1986" that was never verified (no other details given). And looking on a state map, well lo and behold, Jackson County is home to part of the Cache River Wildlife Refuge! Gollllllleeeeee!! Do we have Elvis's parents being reported almost 20 years ago?

This was probably the sighting that Jackson referred to some colleagues in academia in Arkansas.
Unfortunately, it never got followed up on. Typical.

Interesting that Jackson and a student thought they heard an IBWO calling in the Mississippi woods around the same period in time. (1986 or thereabouts, I believe) This area in Mississippi would probably have been with IBWO traveling range of the Arkansas hotspots.

I sure hope there is a insurgence of IBWOs somewhere in the South. It would be incredibly sad if Elvis the last of his species.
Ah, this I find very interesting, and tantalizing. I wonder if anyone has found the original correspondence and followed up now. Since Jackson's on the recovery team, perhaps that has happened. (I don't want everyone to think that I am a total nattering nabob of negativity.)
AHA! I Googled "Douglas James Arkansas" and found this
Douglas James, an ornithologist at the University of Arkansas. Seems like that is probably him. I'm sure somebody's been in touch with him.
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